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This is a blog by Johanna Skurnik, a historian fascinated with human ways of knowing the globe and the worlds that these knowledges have enabled building in the past. I am currently working as an Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. I write here about my explorations with the histories of different types of knowledges, currently with a heavy focus on geographical knowledge via my own and past peoples’ encounters with maps, globes and geographical texts. The purpose of the blog is to function as a platform for thinking about the histories of knowledge and science as approaches to studying the past. I also write about the findings of my different research projects to inform and inspire other history nerds out there. Posts both in Finnish and in English.

New publication on Finnish geohistorical imaginations

Hot off the press is my contribution to an edited collection entitled Finnish Settler Colonialism in North America: Rethinking Finnish Experiences in Transnational Spaces (Helsinki University Press 2022), edited by Rani-Henrik Andersson and Janne Lahti. The book and its contributions seek to reexamine Finns in North America by situating them in the context of global…

Globaalin maantieteellisen tiedon jäljillä

Viime viikolla esittelin Tampereella Historiantutkimuksen päivillä tutkimusta, joka liittyy Otavan 1920-luvulla julkaisemaan Maapallo-tietokirjasarjaan. Kyseessä on runsaasti kuvitettu kymmenosainen kirjasarja, jonka toimittivat maantieteen professori Johan E. Rosberg ja maantieteilijätaustainen Viljo Tolvanen, joka työskenteli Otavan maantieteellisen kirjallisuuden kustannustoimittajana. Teoksen valmistamisen taustalla oli ajatus valistaa juuri itsenäistynyttä Suomen kansaa ja opettaa heitä tuntemaan maailma ja sen suomalaisille tarjoamat…

Another year with maps

August is here and with it comes the anticipation of the start of a new academic year. Therefore, it is perfect moment to reflect on the past year and how I have progressed with my research. I am currently two-thirds into my current project – September will mark the beginning of the final year. The…

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